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The search continues for the young man who is a person of interest in the murder of Julissa Brisman, the New York City woman killed inside a Boston hotel room while meeting a man who had responded to her erotic massage ad on Criagslist. The FBI has been called in as authorities are investigating whether the murder is linked to a similar Craigslist-related attack in nearby Rhode Island. At a Holiday Inn outside Providence the Thursday, a woman was held up at gunpoint by a suspect with a similar description to Brisman's case. The woman in that case was meeting the suspect for "in-room dancing," also had her hands bound and was only saved when her husband broke into the room and chased the man away.

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The police chief on that case said" The Rhode Island victim may have been involved in some sort of a sex-for-money transaction when she had the confrontation There are strong similarities here based on the information that we have, particularly the fact that there is a an individual who seems to fit the [Boston] description. The Daily News says that she spent six days at Rikers Island after a arrest on an unspecified charge.

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Friends have told reporters that she was a recovering alcoholic who hoped to become a counselor for Alcoholics Anonymous. Help fund the local coverage you rely on.

Local Sluts near Rhode Island

Back the extra reporting you need during this global pandemic. Apr 18, PM. Facebook Twitter Reddit. NYC news never sleeps.

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Rhode Island Sluts

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Donate Now. Jen Chung. New Jersey voters can cast their ballots early and in-person through October 31st.

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